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Use on Website or E-Commerce site

Engage Website Visitors

Strategically Place Call Buttons for an Instant Engagement via an Audio or a Video Call when a Customer is already on website.

Increase Customer Acquisitions

with Timely Information Exchange. Audio or Video Call experience is closer to an in-person Interaction. Builds customer confidence.

Drive Successful Transactions

Representative Can answer questions, Co-Browse Web Pages, Prepare Shopping Cart or provide Discount Code.

Use All in One Call or Contact Panel or Use Call Buttons

Premium Support / Agent on Demand

Your customers deserve better than long waits, navigating IVR menus and call transfers. Once connected to a right agent, describing a problem in words is not easy. Describing a problem in text chat can be slow and frustrating.

When using the ACA platform, a customer initiates a web audio or video call by clicking on a call button on a company's website or scanning a QR code label on a product.

Use of video and screen sharing makes it easier for customer to explain the problem and for agent to explain possible solutions to the problem, leading to a faster problem resolution and happier customer.

  • Calls are automatically routed to a right support team.
  • The ACA Platform incorporates QR code generation and management system.
  • We work closely with customers to integrate with existing solution. Click here to see popular platforms we support.


Video call support to field technicians can reduce time to problem resolution, increase probability of success, reduce service call cost, and increase customer satisfaction.

Field technicians start an Aldo call from their cell phone and share the situation video with a remote experts' team for consultation on problem solving. During the call, text and video files can be shared with the technicians.


Expensive products that require assembly, are worth supporting with a video call via QR code or a call button on company’s website.

Giving new customers support with assembly or assuring them that a missing part will solve an issue and will be expedited, can help reduce expensive product returns. ACA Platform has a built-in support to generate unique QR code.

Engage Customers in Physical Places and Online

Now brands can engage customers by delivering relevant information when customer wants it, on customer's cell phone. This leads to a superior customer experience and better brand recall. Furthermore, by engaging the customer on cell phone, customer is less likely to do an online search which can lead to distractions from competitors' ads, fake reviews, etc.

In addition to delivering information for a specific product upon scanning of QR code, The ACA Platform supports an option to add audio/video calling and text chat. With a simple touch, a customer can now connect and speak to a remote brand/product specialist to get their questions answered and giving the specialist an opportunity to engage customer further.

The ACA Platform offers an integrated QR code generation and management facility. We work closely with customers to integrate with existing solutions.

Enable Audio/Video Collaboration Within Your Application

Embed Aldo call buttons in your application to enable collaboration with an instant audio or a video call, no meetings to schedule, no invites to send, no calendar to open to find a meeting link. Aldo calls are easy to start and run in a browser.

Aldo calling is easy to integrate. Place a call button (icon) in your application where you want to enable collaboration from. We provide access to APIs to enable your application users to use the Aldo service and enable calling by other participants to document owner and vice-versa.

If custom APIs are required for integration into your application, we work with you closely to get it done in a timely fashion.

Enable Audio/Video Calling in Your Digital Workflow

You know your application workflow, be it an internal use application or a customer facing application. Enabling Aldo audio/video call buttons in your workflow could significantly increase the productivity and customer satisfaction. You can add Aldo call buttons in your workflow where you want and show or enable when you want.

Examples of Enabling Collaboration within your Application

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